June 2010 - Acquisition of 70% share in KUB-Gas s, one of the largest private gas producers in Ukraine Serinus becomes an upstream company Production - daily gas production of 4 MMcf/d Reserves - Total proved, probable and possible (3P) attributable to Serinus’ effective ownership interest – 22 BCF and 4.4 MMboe
August 2010 Spud of the first well in Ukraine from completion of the transaction – the Makeevskoye -19 well  
November 2010 Commencement of production from the O-7 well– 70% increase of production in Olgovskoye field
January 2011 North Makeevskoye – Serinus to acquire a new exploration license February  
May 2011 USD 40 million of loan from EBRD
July 2011 the M-19 well tied-in to commercial production
an increase of total production by 70% to 10.73 MMcf/d
November 2011 The successful completion of the first reservoir stimulation using western hydraulic fracturing technology (“frac’ing”) of the O-6 and O-8 well
January 2012 Commencement of production from O-12 – Serinus’ greatest in history discovery in Ukraine– an increase of total production by 40% to 17 MMcf/d
May 2012 Pud of the NM-1 well – the first well in North Makeevskoye field  
December 2012 First successful dual completion in Ukraine (O-18 and M-21 wells)
January 2013 KUB-Gas repays USD 10 million of EBRD loan  
March 2013 First dividend from KUB-Gas – USD 7 million  
April 2013 The deepest of Serinus’ well – M-16 discovers new gas zones
June 2013 M-16 tied- in for production results in record production of 28,5 MMcf/d gross (19,9 MMcf/d net for Serinus)  
July 2013 Ukraine – New Discovery In Serpukhovian Flows
1.5 MMcf/d
July 2013 Ukraine – NM-3 Well tests oil and gas – potentially opening up a new play in the North Makeevskoye Exploration Licence
September 2013 Ukraine - Krutogorovskoye Converted To 20-Year Production Licence  
October 2013 New Production high of more than
5,150 barrels of oil equivalent per day after successful stimulations
November 2013 Serinus secures $60 million EBRD financing for Tunisia
March 2014 Ukraine – Start Up of New Gas Treatment Facility.  
April 2014 Serinus Energy Year-End 2P Reserves Increase 119%.  
May 2014 Ukraine: M-17 Tests Gas in S7 Zone – a New Pool Discovery.
June 2014 Ukraine: M-17 Tests 6.6 MMcf/d from the S6 Zone.  
July 2014 Gas and condensate production in Ukraine during the second quarter were 21.3 MMcf/d and 102 bbl/d respectively (both volumes are SEN’s 70% WI). These volumes are 4% and 3% higher than the first quarter. This includes only a minor contribution from the M‑17 well.
December 2014 Romania: Moftinu-1001 Finds Multiple Gas Zones.  
December 2014 Tunisia: Winstar-12bis Shows Strong Initial Production Rates.
January 2015 Ukraine: M-22 Well Finds Gas in Multiple Zones  
February 2015 Serinus Energy Arranges €10 million Debt Facility for Romania  
April 2015 Romania – Moftinu-1001 Well Tests 7.4 MMcf/d
June 2015 Romania: Serinus Receives 3-Year Extension for Satu Mare and Increases Effective Interest to 100%  
June 2015 Ukraine: Serinus granted a new licence in Ukraine
December 2015 Running out of possibilities for further development of Ukrainian asset. Selling 100% of KUB-Gas shares for US$30 million and transferring financial resources to more promising assets